How I Found Scores Of New Relatives

Several months ago, I attended my 93 year old Aunts furneral services. Actually I knew her to be an in-law. Her sister married my Father’s Brother. Out of respect we called her aunt. The attendance was low because most relatives were unable to be there. Those that did attend were A nice, grand nieces, come cousins, and other distant relatives. We all were very happy that the memorial went well and knowing that, Auntie would be pleased.

Later that day at the re pass, I got a chance to talk to one of Auntie’s nieces who happened to be in here early 70s. We talked about family members, places of birth and names, sooo many names. One name we had in common. Turns out my Grand mother shared relatives with her family. I had found a new cousin and thats not all. Her daughters resembled my Auntie sister so much. Suddenly I realized as I took a sip of coffee that my Uncles wife was not only my aunt but also my cousin.

My cousins have been doing quite a bit of family research over the years. As we continued our excited conversation, more a more information poured forth. This new genealogy that began to branch out and be known to me, that a cousin in Sacramento has been researching our family’s history for over 15 years. A cousin in Virginia is writing a book.. My lst cousin on my Father’s side has childern living in Los Angeles. My head spin.

It wasn’t long before My Auntie Niece, sorry, my cousin’s cousin and I exchange phone numbers and addresses. See Funeral’s aren’t always meant to grieve us. To me a funeralĀ  is an inevitable event that can signify new beginnings and very very very new accquaiintinces.

to be continued…